Free Online Notepad

What a Free Online Notepad can Do for You

If you spend a lot of time online, and do not always have a pen and paper handy for notes, or do not want to keep opening and closing Notepad, there is another option. Using a free online notepad instead.

A good online notepad will allow you to take notes on anything you are working on, and be readily accessible whenever you need it.

What is a free online notepad? -- It is a small program you can download that installs a notepad onto your browser. Then, every time you are online surfing the Internet, you can choose to open it or keep it closed.

If opened, the notepad is always open at the bottom of your browser. This allows you to open it with just one click, and then make any notes you may need to have on any subject at all.

The notepad can be hidden -- If you do not want others to be able to see that you are taking notes, you can also hide the notepad and then just open it when needed. Or when no-one else is around.

These programs are also great to use if you are working with a team, as you can take notes without your team mates being aware of them.

Options on the notepad -- Many of the free online notepad available at the moment also have options built into them.

These options will allow you to create checklists, meeting notes, brainstorming ideas, rich editing, chore lists and more.

Unlimited note taking -- Even though a typical program is small, it has the capacity to allow you to take unlimited notes on any subject you want.

Once you have finished taking notes, it is also easy to save each file so that you can open it later and get access to your notes.

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